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You can reach us on the phone, via email or simply drop by our office for a coffee and a chat.

Welcome to us

Kontakt oss gjerne på telefon, epost eller kom innom lokalene våre på Lysaker torg for en kaffeprat.

We’re located at Parkkvartalet. Our offices are on the fourth floor of Parkveien 53B. Visitors can park on parking level U2 marked “Gjesteparkering” in the Parkkvartalet garage. Entrance from Inkognitogata. 

You can get in touch with us via our main line or by contacting one of our advisors directly.

DHT Corporate Finance

+47 671 01 500

Visiting address:
Parkveien 53B
0256 Oslo

Mailing address:
Parkveien 53B
0256 Oslo