DHT provides advice to business owners on M&A transactions, restructuring, strategy, and financial modeling. Our experienced team offer expertise in all these areas.

A dedicated team with a solid and industrial strategic focus secures transactions which add long term value for our clients

Et dedikert team med solid industrielt og strategisk fokus sikrer transaksjoner som gir verdiutvikling på lang sikt for våre oppdragsgivere

Corporate transactions/M&A

DHT has extensive experience in assisting clients creating value through transactions.

 DHT´s proven record and broad experience from mergers, divestitures and acquisitions ensure our clients a structured, tailor made process securing the best possible outcome. Through operational management experience and consultancy, we have considerable expertise from a variety of industry segments. Our recommendations are always based on a thorough assessment of opportunities and possible implications of alternative solutions. Our independence and long term approach ensure that we recommend the best solutions for our clients.

Broad industry experience and leading professional expertise within company valuations ensure our customers a solid base for financial and strategic planning and management
Bred bransjeerfaring og ledende faglig kompetanse innen verdivurdering sikrer våre kunder et solid beslutningsgrunnlag for finansiell og strategisk planlegging og styring


DHT is one of the leading players valuing enterprises in Norway and has considerable and broad consultancy experience in change of ownership, value assessment and decision making support. DHT partners are frequently appointed as experts in different disputes including arbitration and litigation, as well as being invited as lecturers on high level training courses and business schools. 

In our approach to find the correct value of your company, we assess the nature and structure of the company. Different companies require different methodology, and we will find the right one based on the development phase of the company, debt level, industry characteristics, balance sheet etc. 

DHT team members represent significant consulting experience as well as senior operational management background. This ensures a holistic perspective and feasibility
DHT kombinerer ressurser med betydelig rådgivererfaring med lang og bred, operativ toppledererfaring. Dette sikrer et helhetlig perspektiv og gjennomførbarhet

Strategic Advisory

DHT has extensive experience in designing and executing appropriate strategic processes. Together with the client, DHT ensures progress and supports the client’s ability to execute. We assist in performing analysis, challenge the client where appropriate and assist in developing proper documentation for decision making. For DHT it is essential that such processes are fully accommodated in the company itself, to increase the probability for a long-term commitment and effects.

Companies have different challenges in order to increase the likelihood of maximizing their potential. In an early stage, a company might need assistance in developing a sustainable, realistic and profitable business plan, whereas more mature companies are searching for growth initiatives or a better cost structure. Our experience will help you identify your needs and find solutions.