Our process

First meeting

We always begin with an informal conversation where we discuss alternative options and what we can do for you and your company. Based on the information gathered, we will come up with a timeline and a proposal. This serves as the basis for our continued cooperation. 

Beginning a selling process

Here we lay the foundation for the transaction, everything that should provide for an optimal outcome.
  • We meet with you to gather information on your company and the markets in which you operate.
  • We define advantages that make your company attractive to buyers.
  • We prepare consolidated accounts and other formalities that need to be in place.

Identifying potential buyers

We survey the market and identify potential buyers in consultation with you. Here we use our extensive network and proceed very discreetly, making sure confidentiality is safeguarded. We engage in dialogue and arrange pre-meetings with the most relevant buyers.

  • We identify and highlight the factors that can contribute to increase the value of the company in the future.
  • Relevant marketing material is prepared and collected.

Marketing up to indicative bids

Teasers and marketing information is distributed together with a confidentiality agreement to target companies.
  • Indicative bids are received and evaluated
  • In consultation with you, we select possible buyers for the next phase of the process.
  • We take care of all formalities, including legal (share purchase agreement), due diligence, process letter etc.

Marketing up to final bid

  • Due diligence reports and process letters are sent out for the next phase.
  • Buyers get access to the due diligence data room, and questions and answers are coordinated via this virtual data room.
  • Meetings are arranged with potential buyers
  • When final bids are received, these are assessed before clarifying meetings are held.

Negotiations, closing and implementation

In this final phase, we negotiate with one or more buyers, before we choose the final buyer together with you.

  • Purchase and sale agreement, and other transaction documentation, are fully negotiated.
  • Verification of the conditions for implementation.
  • Coordinating communication to employees and the outside world, including customers, suppliers and others.